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Adult Gi

You will learn the fundamental skills and strategies of this beautiful art that will take you into years of learning and training. You will learn techniques and strategies from various positions. From standing: to attack and defend submissions and take-downs; to the ground: to control and submit your opponent. You will go on to learn how to combine these same techniques into your very own fighting strategy!

Adult Gi Info

No Gi Class

The same goals as the Gi class without the uniform. Instead, shorts and a t-shirt or wrestling attire is used. You will learn similar techniques as the gi class, but modified for application without “grips”. A great class for wrestlers.

No Gi Class Info

Kids Gi

In addition to all the benefits of the adults class, kids will gain… Confidence, strength, flexibility, stamina, cognitive reasoning, problem solving skills, body awareness, respect, humility, mental focus, dedication, work ethic, perseverance, social skills, plus many more.

They will not only learn Anti-Bully/Self Defense Techniques, but it will get them off the couch and the beginnings of an active lifestyle.

Kids Gi Info

Self Defense

This is a great introduction to the concepts and principles of Jiu Jitsu. Not only will you will learn techniques to defend yourself from common street attacks, but you will gain confidence and have fun doing so.

Self Defense Info
Eskrima Combatives Info

Eskrima Combatives

Concentrates/Focuses on the combative aspect of Filipino Martial Arts it is famously known for. Through the practice of the scientific principles, strategies and fighting philosophy of Eskrima Combatives, one will develop and attain their own individualized martial skills and tactics.

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